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What is Nonprofit Employees United (NEU)?

We are the union for nonprofit employees. NEU is a collective of thousands of nonprofit union members who work in advocacy and social service organizations all over the country. We belong to the Office and Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU) , an affiliate of the 12.5 million-member strong AFL-CIOJoin Us

What is a union?

A union is a nonprofit employee organization—protected by law—that helps us to speak up in a unified voice for workplace improvements and societal change. When we act in unison, we can influence policy and make our communities and families stronger. A union also gives us a way to achieve respect and fairness on the job and a greater voice to impact employer decisions.

How does a union help nonprofit employees?

Employees who do nonprofit work need greater recognition and value from society. When we join together in a union, we have far more power to make a difference than we would alone. Frontline employees have the space and protection to share concerns, bring ideas forward and work together to come up with creative solutions.  Our agreements go into a written contract to make sure there is follow through. Supporting a union can have a positive impact on morale, turnover and the services we provide

Do we have legal rights to form a union?

Yes, it is against the law for employers to ask you about your union activity or to threaten, harass, fire, discipline or discriminate against you because of union support. The National Labor Relations Act, a federal law, protects workers trying to form a union. Learn more about your legal rights.


What will my employer say?

Initially, employers may oppose the idea of taking a stand to unite for a voice at work because it means they must give up some decision-making power. Your goal will be to stay focused on your reasons for creating a union in the first place. Most often, employers come around and understand the benefits of having a collaborative working environment where employees are empowered and we work towards common goals for the greater good.

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